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Most of us have dreamed of the type of house that we would buy if we bought that winning lottery ticket. Would it have a beautiful 180 view of the city? Would it have an amazing pool with a detached casita that would make all the neighbors jealous? Well if you haven’t yet won that ever eluding jackpot, take a gander at these Riverside beauties for ideas to pin to your Pinterest board!

#1: 5902 Claridge Dr., Riverside, 92506
SOLD 09/17/17

Claridge 1
Claridge 2

This single story, 7 Bedroom, 7 Bath home is a generous 8,251 square feet, on a sprawling 2.11 acres.

Claridge 3
Claridge 4

The beach entry, pebble bottom, infinity edge pool has a gorgeous 180 view of Riverside.

claridge 5
Claridge 6

And look at those cabinets! Ooo la la!

claridge 7

Did someone say “home theater”?? YES, PLEASE!


#2: 7637 Cleveland Ave., Riverside, 92504
SOLD 03/31/17

cleve 1
cleve 2

This two story, 6 Bedroom, 6.5 Bath home is amazing at 8,251 square feet, on a spacious 2.5 acres. This mansion is reminiscent of one of Riverside’s most beautiful Victorians but with a Mediterranean flair.

cleve 3
cleve 4

Could you not just look at those ceilings all day!

cleve 5
cleve 6

There is so much space you could have all of Riverside over for a party!


#3: 1244 Fetlock Wy., Riverside, 92506
SOLD 01/30/17

fetl 1
fetl 2

This single story, 6 Bedroom, 6.5 Bath home is a very generous 6,120 square feet on 1.2 acres.

fetl 3
fetl 4

Mama Mia! Another home theater, I’m just happy to know there are other people out there that are perfectly
content to watch t.v. 16 hours a day! ?

fetl 5
fetl 6

Ahhhh, yes!! I could definitely be happy here!